BespokeCrete Ltd is a MicroCement flooring, furniture, and interior decoration manufacturer. 

Our ranges of interior and exterior furniture bring a sustainable, sleek and revolutionary slant to what has become outdated and a throwaway culture of sub-standard products.

Our items bring you a classy, sleek design option that has previously been unavailable due to the constraints of traditional concrete products.  


New design opportunities are now possible due to the incredible strength of our 7 layer MicroCement.

The durability of this fully waterproof, hand-applied process, has opened opportunities that have not previously been possible.

Products are coated over several days and allowed to harden at the correct temperature creating an extremly strong and durable surface. It looks and feels like concrete without any of the assosisated issues. 



Quality is at the foundation of BespokeCrete, each one of our products uses the very best materials and products, combined with extraordinary attention to detail and skill. We never cut any corners in anything we do here at BespokeCrete.

We only use the very best MicroCement suppliers and all of our products undertake a rigorous testing program to ensure when our products leave our warehouse, they are as good as they can be.

The same goes for all our flooring, wall and bathroom projects. We will carry out a comprehensive survey of the sub-flooring/walls, before preparing these areas for the MicroCement. MicroCement is an incredibly strong product; however, it is reliant on a strong and stable sub-flooring. If this is not prepared properly there will be issues!

Nothing less than perfect is acceptable to us. We refuse to rush jobs, use cheaper sub-standard Microcement or skip vital stages of the process to reduce costs.

BespokeCrete are experienced manufacturers and installers of MicroCement products and finishes.

We are flexible, knowledgeable and highly experienced in this trade, providing a professional, friendly and high-quality service.

Our mission is to remove the “throwaway” society that our generations have become by providing products and services that are designed to stand the test of time.

We believe that MicroCement offers infinite possibilities for modern construction, architecture and interior and exterior design. 


MicroCement is highly durable, hence is suitable for application in both commercial and residential projects with high-traffic areas, such as offices, restaurants and shop floorings.

MicroCement is joint-free and once sealed is stain, scratch and scuff resistant, when installed correctly.

MicroCement can be easily maintained using our ‘Renovator Liquid’.

We have confidence in our MicroCement products when they are appropriately maintained. 

 We provide a range of hand-crafted products and services, including bespoke furniture, sinks, baths, floorings and kitchen designs.

There are clear advantages to using MicroCement in your interior and exterior design projects.

Our 7-layer Microcement system creates a fully waterproof, heatproof and scratch-resistant finish, making it the perfect option for both internal and external use.

MicroCement is an ideal material to use in areas with high humidity, such as kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor kitchens. 

BespokeCrete offers you a fully personalised experience suited to your design needs. Get in touch for your bespoke quote or to enquire about further products designed by BespokeCrete.