BespokeCrete craft and create various custom orders and designs – if you have a design in mind, please feel free to send us a message so we can make your design idea a reality. We are always interested in a challenge and Microcement can be applied to a multitude of surfaces and most design concepts catered for.

We’re experienced, trained and fully confident with our craft – offering original and bespoke products and installations to a growing market.

Custom Designs

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Completely Unique Design?

Microcement can be applied to any strong, stable surface. We have an in house team of engineers, steel fabricators, carpenters, plumbers and electricians. This huge range of skill sets means that we can create a huge range of products and cater for most of your design concepts!


Is It Possible?

It is aways possible! Some designs may be more in depth and require more thought, with our strong team – we can mastermind the possibilities and come up with a solution.


How Long will it take?

That all depends on what you want made and what other trades are involved. Microcement and timber is our quickest materials to use. Steel has to be made & sent off to the sprayer. Most design concepts are completed in 4-6 weeks.

Here at BespokeCrete, we love nothing more than coming up with truly bespoke designs for customers. It gives us a challenge and its great seeing people thinking outside the box!

Technically, everything we make is bespoke as it is custom designed for every customer….. but some customers want a completely unique design.

This little fella is propping up one of our custom made MicroCement bar tops and doesn’t he do it well?

Want to Know More About MicroCement?

Want to Know More About MicroCement?

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