Microcement or Concrete – What’s the Difference?

Concrete or Microcement – What is the difference?
They look the same and they are similar,  Microcemt is cement-based – so what is the difference?

Microcement is available in various colours and we can now match it to RAL colours 


Microcement is heat, stain and scratch resistant 


Microcement is only 2-3mm thick, so ideal for covering existing floors, walls etc….. 


Microcement is fully waterproof, mould free and crack resitant  


Microcement is virtually maintenance free

Microcement or Concrete – What’s the Difference?

  • Although concrete is a great product it also has its limitations. Polished concrete floors have been extremely popular over the years, they create an industrial and modern space which is extremely popular. Designers are moving more and more towards Microcement for numerous reasons outlined below…
  • The main issues with concrete/polished concrete floors are –
  • The colour is dictated by the aggregates and dye used. This means the the colour can be quite unpredictable.
  • Cracking – polished concrete is very prone to hairline cracks. This chance is reduced massively with Microcement due to the resin content and the fibreglass mesh used.
  • Stains, concrete is porous and is also not waterproof until a sealer is applied. These sealers degrade with time meaning the risk of stains is increased considerably! Again, this is avoided with Microcement.
  • When creating concrete furniture – a mold has to be created first. The concrete is then poured into this mold and left to set. This means that there are limitations on the kind of mold that you can create which therefore limits the design of the products that can produced. The concrete also needs to be a minimum thickness to help reduce the chances of it cracking.
  • Concrete is also extremely heavy making it an unpractical option for a lot of people. Concrete baths look great but often you will need to reinforce your floors to take the weight. With our microcement baths you do not need to do this and are a stunning design statement – available in a choice of colours. 
  • Concrete also does not cope well with large variations of temperature, especially frost! Our Microcement tables can be left out all year round!
  • Microcement on the other hand is a thin 2-3mm, cement and resin coating that can be applied to almost any strong and stable surface. Microcement looks like concrete and is cement-based but it can be applied to existing walls, floors, plywood and even over tiles!
  • All of our Microcement Furniture is made from steel or hardwood first, then fully coated in 7 stage MicroCement system to make a fully waterproof, stain-resistant finish – there are very few limitations on the design.
  • We have created sinks, baths, worktops, shelves and a full range of tables! We have even applied Microcement to a surfboard.
  • Microcement is lightweight in comparison to Concrete and comes in a multitude of colours, we can even colour match to a Ral colour chart!. Microcement is ideal to re-vamp a tired and outdated space. We can create kitchen worktops, made to measure kitchen islands and even create kitchen doors – that look like concrete.

Concrete or Microcement

Microcement is made up of several, very thin layers creating a very strong “laminating” effect. Because of this, we can apply these cement and resin layers over existing surfaces, providing they have been prepared correctly. We have coated…….

Existing floors, walls and tile

Existing sinks


Hardwood – MDF etc..

Doors – firedogs, kitchen cupboards 




Microcement or Concrete – What’s the Difference?

The biggest advantage of a Microcement is its longevity, versatility, seamless design and its suitability for all weathers. The durability of this material is unmatched in comparison to concrete – Our Microcement, unlike concrete is resistant to scratches, stains and does not need to be periodically sealed or polished.
Custom made in Norfolk using the very best, locally sourced materials. Microcement creates a minimalistic and seamless design with a blend of smoky textures. A bespoke product that can follow most design concepts. Generally speaking – If we can make it, we can Microcement it.
Microcement is a lightweight, non porous alternative to concrete, that’s easy to keep clean and suitable for all weathers when used outside. Microcement flooring and walls are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and areas with a lot of traffic.
Microcement is a cement-based coating that provides an extremely strong and highly bonded finish. At only 2-3mm thick, it is an excellent alternative for kitchen worktops, bathrooms, wet rooms and furniture.
Our Microcement can be applied to a range of strong stable surfaces from tiles, plaster, timber, concrete and more. Whether your are retrofitting a home, working on a new development or making bespoke Microcement furniture – We believe the possibilities are truly endless…
This superior imitation of concrete is more than a stylish alternative. Microcement is anti-slip, mould resistant and a fully waterproof solution, making it suitable for walls and flooring. The level of versatility behind Microcement allows it to seamlessly collaborate alongside other building materials including steel as well as oak and ply woods.
We’ve written an entire dedicated guide on this innovative material and its phenomenal properties, click the link below to read more!:
We trust our Microcement process to deliver stunning results and are confident in this versatile coating solution. In a market full of endless options, we feel that Microcement has so many advantages over concrete.
We’re always looking to defy boundaries and continually test the boundaries of Microcement.
If you have a project in mind, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with your inquiry.

Why Choose BespokeCrete?

We feel we should say –  Microcement application requires thorough testing to ensure selection of a quality Microcement (there are different types floating around in the market, we’ve tested too many to count!). Suitability and the method of application are two other factors to consider, because as with most trades, this is a specialist process that requires time to perfect.
With this in mind, it’s worth considering leaving installation or application of Microcement to the professionals. Here at BespokeCrete, we truly think we’ve found the best product in the market in Forcrete. Not all Microcement is created equally and this innovative company has assisted us in developing mesmerising products with their incredible Microcement solution.
We’re experienced, trained and fully confident with our craft – offering original and bespoke products and installations to a growing market. Our community of clients agree that we are a five-star solution to sleek, Microcement designs.
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