Outdoor Microcement Kitchens – This Year’s Hot Trend

Introducing this year’s most popular project: Outdoor Kitchens… Where value and sophistication meet! Our beautiful hand-coated Microcement kitchens offer a new level of excitement to meal preparation, allowing you the spacious workspace needed to creatively and freely explore new tastes and flavours outside.

We’re incredibly excited to share this latest addition to the Bespokecrete catalogue; made to measure, Outdoor Microcement Kitchens – This Year’s Hot Trend. Prepare your garden for a stress-free gathering, where you can show off your dedicated outdoor culinary station – a space that’s been built to last. Modernise the exterior of your home and get the most out of your outdoor space!

At BespokeCrete we have created a modern Microcement countertop that is truly unique and aesthetically pleasing, whilst providing strength and durability. This stunning outside kitchen features a Microcement, fully waterproof worktop- hand-crafted for you.
Microcement is a concrete based coating that is lightweight compared to solid concrete with none of the associated issues. We use the same, premium Microcement across our range, a product that we trust and provides an array of benefits. At only 2-3mm thick, it is an excellent alternative for kitchen worktops, bathrooms, wet rooms and furniture.
This superior cement and resin hybrid is more than a stylish alternative to concrete and not bound by the same limitations. Microcement is anti-slip, mould resistant and a fully waterproof solution, making it suitable for walls and flooring and much more. The level of versatility behind Microcement allows it to seamlessly collaborate alongside other building materials including steel as well as oak and ply woods.
Our Microcement can be applied to a range of strong stable surfaces from tiles, plaster, timber, concrete and more. Whether your are retrofitting a home, working on a new development or wanting bespoke Microcement furniture – We believe the possibilities are truly endless…

Outdoor Microcement Kitchens - This Year's Hot Trend

The Outdoor Kitchens we create feature cupboards that are available in Black or Antracite Grey (hand painted finish) or painted in any chosen colour or clad in Cedar – And of course, the doors can be fully Microcement. Additional extras include Tap, Sink and Hob Cut Outs as well as a further option for an integrated sink and integral drainage. We can make totally bespoke designs, units to exact dimensions (with 1mm tolerance) cut outs for wires, areas for coal or gas storage and so much more.

Outdoor Microcement Kitchens - This Year's Hot Trend

Each worktop is applied in any Microcement colour of your choosing (from our colour chart pictured below) and as with every handmade item, no two are the same. We can now (for an extra fee) colour match any standard RAL colour or Farrow and Ball colours.

Regardless of your purchase, each item is made to order so patterns may vary from the pictures shown – a truly bespoke experience.

The Benefits of an Outdoor Microcement Kitchen

Simply put, the biggest advantage of a Microcement Kitchen is its’ Longevity. The durability of this material is simply unmatched in comparison to other imitations. We exclusively use Forcrete‘s incredible coating solution. Simply put, we have tried and tested several different brands of Microcement and have firmly sided with Forcrete or a variety of reasons.
The most important being the products properties, the overall quality and fact that each layer is water proof (including the base coats!). Other benefits include resistance to: heat, stains, mould and scratches – the perfect combination of properties for a product that’s been built to last.
A lightweight, non porous alternative to concrete that’s and easy to keep clean and suitable for all weathers, when used outside.
We’re confident in our ability to deliver an aesthetically pleasing, practical and quality solution – the versatility of this product accommodates for a range of structural designs as well as use both inside and outdoors. Microcement is also unique in presentation, no two installs are ever the same… A hand applied, professional service that takes time and dedication to perfect!
Custom made in our Norfolk based workshop, using the very best, locally sourced materials. A minimalistic and seamless design that provides contemporary finish with a blend of smoky textures. A bespoke installation that will leave you stunned after years of continuous use, our Microcement Outdoor Kitchens are unlike any other garden fittings and fixtures on the current market.
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We’re ready to help you with your Microcement Outdoor Kitchen, here’s how to get the process started!
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Bespoke Microcement Bar Countertops

If a Microcement outdoor kitchen is not for you or maybe you have a different project in mind, why not consider a Microcement Bar Countertop instead?
Preparing for summer, what better way to prepare your garden, than to invest in an outdoor kitchen/bar area to host all of your festivities from… Fully Waterproof Countertops that are also scratch, stain and heat resistant, as well as being incredibly easy to clean and maintain.
The image’s illustrate a couple of examples   of an outdoor bar tops we have recently completed. An outside roof top bar and a bar top for a pool house.  Built for purpose and delivering on quality, this aesthetic alternative to concrete, stone and marble creates a compelling statement to the exterior of your property – a feature for all of the adults to enjoy!
What is MicroCement
What is MicroCement

Outdoor Microcement Kitchens – This Year’s Hot Trend

We understand that some people intake information more effectively through audio-visual efforts as opposed to text, so check out our quick youtube video explains one of our outside kitchen projects.
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Why Choose BespokeCrete?

We feel we should say –  Microcement application requires thorough testing to ensure selection of a quality Microcement (there are different types floating around in the market, we’ve tested too many to count!). Suitability and the method of application are two other factors to consider, because as with most trades, this is a specialist process that requires time to perfect.
With this in mind, it’s worth considering leaving installation or application of Microcement to the professionals. Here at BespokeCrete, we truly think we’ve found the best product in the market in Forcrete. Not all Microcement is created equally and this innovative company has assisted us in developing mesmerising products with their incredible Microcement solution.
We’re experienced, trained and fully confident with our craft – offering original and bespoke products and installations to a growing market. Our community of clients agree that we are a five star solution to sleek, modern furnishings and home renovations.
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BespokeCrete also accepts custom orders and designs – so if you have a measurement in mind, please feel free to send us a message. We’re always interested in a challenge and can Microcement a multitude of items and surfaces. So far, we have Microcement doors, phone cases, laptops, kitchens, baths, sinks, plant pots, tables, benches, chairs, shelves and more. However, the two most interesting items to date: a snooker table and even a surf board repurposed for a table top!

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